Sekishu Rolls


Sekishu Rolls

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Sekishu is a popular and widely-used paper and great for all backing and mounting needs.  Here at Mullowney Printing, we use sekishu for everything from woodcuts, to monotypes, to etchings. Sekishu is also great for backing silk and takes water based media very well (calligraphy and hand painting prints).

Medium weight sekishu, approximately 330 grams per meter, is good for thin layers of backing, delicate printing, and chine collé.  

The heavy and extra heavy sekishu, up to about 450 grams per meter, are good for hand printing woodcuts, relief prints, and paper backing.

100% kozo from Japan.

The rolls are 39 inches wide by 60 meters long.  

Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.

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