to Dec 3

Chine Collé Winter Workshop

Please join us for a weekend workshop led by master printer Paul Mullowney exploring all aspects of chine collé, collage, and backing and seaming of large prints.  This workshop is designed for printmakers working in monotype, intaglio, relief (and to some extent lithography) who wish to take their studio practice to a higher level of expertise using Japanese and Chinese papers in the process of chine collé—the simultaneous printing and adhering of thin Asian papers to heavier Western rag papers in the press.

Some of the many concepts covered in the two days:    

  •  Introduction and preparation of traditional wheat starch paste.
  • The methods of using Japanese pasting, smoothing, and pounding brushes.
  • Pre-pasting sheets for application in lithography, monoprinting and relief.
  • Printing on silk.
  • Using layers of backing to add support to thin Japanese papers.
  • Trouble-shooting chine collé problems of pressure, dampness and stability when printing etchings using very thin Japanese gampi. 

This is a hands-on workshop for printers--those who want to problem solve on current projects should bring plates and materials for the two days.  People wishing to get an on overview of chine collé on the press may sign up for one day (Saturday) but both days are highly recommended for a comprehensive overview. 

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to Nov 12

Photogravure Fall Workshop

This introductory workshop covers the traditional techniques of copperplate photogravure etching and is designed for artists, printmakers, and photographers of all skill levels.  Over the course of the workshop, we will take a photographic image from file to film to plate, then etching, and finally printing by hand.   Hand wiping and printing in the intaglio method will be the focus of the third day and other techniques such as chine collé and printing on Asian papers will be introduced in order to get varied and successful results from the image.

We will be working on smaller, manageable size plates from 8x10 to 9x12 inches using photographs from digital files.  Students will be instructed ahead of class as to file preparation.

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